2015 Eco-Art Project in Keelung, Taiwan

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Date: January 01, 2105 — February 20, 2015
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Location: National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, Keelung, , Taiwan
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National Museum of Marine Science and Technology




2015 International Marine Environment Art Project in Keelung, Taiwan
Theme:  “Paradise:  Sustainable Oceans”

Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a site-specific outdoor sculpture installation that will be interactive and raise awareness about protecting our marine environment, and in particular relate to the Badouzi community of Keelung City, Taiwan.  Badouzi, located at the port of Keelung, is on the northeast coast of Taiwan and opens to the Pacific Ocean.  It is a fishing village where most of the people traditionally make their living from the sea.  The island of Taiwan was originally called “Formosa”, meaning beautiful island, by the Portuguese explorers who first came there in 1544 and sailed around the lush green unspoiled tropical island.  The Eastern coast of Taiwan retains more of this feeling of paradise even in this time of ocean acidification, global warming and increasing pollution.  By striving to reverse current conditions and improve the environment we hope to attain an ecological paradise with sustainable oceans. The NMMST is a newly opened museum with exhibitions and programs about marine science and technology and a popular tourist destination in Keelung, Taiwan. Here’s the museum website: http://www.nmmst.gov.tw/enhtml/index

The artists selected for this art project will create their artworks during a 25-day artist in residency in Keelung, Taiwan, from May 14 – June 8, 2015.  We expect to select 6 foreign artists and 2 Taiwanese artists based on the proposals received.  2015 will be the 1st year of this marine environment art project that is organized by the NMMST and supported with community development and economic improvement funds from national and local government.  The selected artists will work with community residents, visitors and volunteers to create large-scale interactive outdoor sculpture installations that will raise awareness about ocean environmental issues, develop community pride, and attract more visitors to the area. For 2015 the artworks will be about encouraging the improvement of conditions in the world’s oceans and protecting our oceans and coastal environments.  For more ideas about sustainable oceans and a green environment, see the website http://www.blueeconomy.eu/

Artworks selected for this project will be site-specific and located in public outdoor spaces such as coastal wetlands, parks, plazas, beaches, land around existing village or museum buildings or other sites selected with the artists, the curator and staff of the Museum. The artworks must be interactive and encourage learning by doing; for example the artwork could function as a play area or outdoor seating or have interactive educational components.  The sculpture installations will be made with local natural materials or recycled materials that are sustainable and not harmful to the environment. The artworks should be made to last for one year or more, but be biodegradable so that they can decompose over time and be recycled into the environment. Artists will work alongside the other international artists and with local residents and visitors in Keelung, Taiwan.
Selected Artists will receive an Artist’s fee of NT60,000 (about US$2,000), airfare, accommodations, meals, volunteer help and local transportation. 
Theme:  Paradise – Sustainable Oceans
Deadline for Entries:  Feb. 15, 2015)
Installation and Residency in Keelung, Taiwan: May 14 – June 8, 2015
To Apply:
Send the following in English by email to the Curator, Jane Ingram Allen, by the deadline of February 15, 2015, at this address: nmmstartproject@gmail.com
Proposals in Chinese may be sent to Ms. Sandy Chang at this address: b98105008@gmail.com
1.     Description of a proposed sculpture installation for the 2015 NMMST International Marine Environment Art Project (limit one page), sent as an attached .doc or .pdf file.  Include dimensions and materials to be used in the proposed work.
2.      Statement about your interest and experience working with communities and volunteers to create large-scale and interactive outdoor sculpture and installation artworks and about how your proposed artwork relates to the theme of sustainable oceans and improving the marine environment (limit one page), sent as an attached .doc or .pdf file.
3.      Sketch or rendering of your proposed artwork (attached .jpg file of less than 1 MB)
4.      6 images of previous related works (attached .jpg files of less than 1 MB each)
5.     Image list to give details about the 6 images. Include title of work, date made, materials used and location of the artwork (sent as an attached .doc or .pdf file)
 CV or Resume in English (attached .doc or .pdf file) that details your education and art experience, awards and exhibitions. Be sure to include your name, present address and nationality.