Gabrielle Lundy

  • Seattle Skyline #4 (2018, 70" x 71")
  • Changing Hands, Stitching Stories (2019, 30" x 60")
  • Seattle Skyline #2 (2015, 13" x 10")
  • Borders/Boundaries (2018, 8" x 8")
  • Everyday People #1 (2019, 8" x 8")
  • Everyday People #2 (2019, 8" x 8")
  • Everyday People #4 (2019, 8" x 8")
  • Traditional African Lady (2018, 12" x 24")
  • Cow (2011, 18” x 24” L x 12”)
  • Run Away (2000, 37” x 15” x 2”)
  • City Stars and Subway Stripes (2002, 11" x 14")

Gabrielle Lundy grew up in a large family in Iowa near the Mississippi River. She is a self-taught contemporary Maker whose work intersects craft and design with upcycling. Living throughout the US, Okinawa, South Africa and Puerto Rico, she was inspired by people in other countries who crafted art from every day materials.

She began as a full-time painter, but a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and wrists shifted her focus to mixed media collage and fiber art. Despite her impairment, her artwork has been exhibited for three decades in galleries, universities, and museums.

After moving to Seattle in 2014, Gabrielle won “Best Use Of Materials” for her SEATTLE SKYLINE collage in Eileen Fischer’s CHOP Challenge. In 2018, she finished upcycling textiles into a large SEATTLE SKYLINE textile collage which was exhibited in the MAKE/DO show at the WSHM 7-12.18 in Tacoma.She has since completed another SEATTLE SKYLINE at NIGHT that measures 37” x 37” that was exhibited in a Fiber Art show.

Gabrielle has been focused on mixed media collage and fiber art since moving to Seattle 5 years ago but loves exploring new mediums. She likes sourcing new people to collaborate with to create products or art.Mission Statement:

Gabrielle feels her art work is a creative response to a world full of too much stuff and too little meaning. She began up cycling textiles and other materials over 20 years ago as a retort to the throw away culture of consumerism the world has adopted in the 21st century.

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