Alyssa Meadows

I grew up on a mountain in 40 acres of forest, which was the critical start to my environmental awareness. As I grew, I watched the landscape change dramatically, observing regions of forest being replaced by developing neighborhoods. I watched as certain species began to disappear from our property, and seeing such creatures became a rare and exciting sighting. What broke my heart more than anything was the vast indifference I saw around me.

This lack of shared empathy caused me to explore our relationship with our surrounding environment through my photography. I focused on and explored the way we interact with nature, through our most frequent encounter of it – traveling through it (most usually driving). We so frequently drive through majestic, pristine scenes, and very rarely appreciate the true depth of nature’s value. Our greatest interaction with our natural environment is usually spent speeding through it, and I aimed to bring light to that idea we can easily overlook. Through this work, I hope to create a deeper awareness of how unaware we as a society can be, and that greater attention needs to be given.

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    • Philadelphia, PA
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