Phoebe Ackley

  • Western Saharan Refugees
  • Kurdish Refugees, Northern Iraq
  • Man in Question?
  • Maiden
  • Mother
  • Crone
  • Good Enough To Eat?
  • Project Iceberg

Making the art cannot stand alone as taking action – nor can viewing it. I believe we must all use what we can to activate others, to rouse the texting masses, the mediated generation.

In my recent work I broaden the audience awareness of under reported social and political issues. In my series “The Refugees” I focus on very distressed populations due mainly to war. The intent of these paintings is to reach those who may think of art as pretty pictures.

In sculpture I have used the figure as a vessel to provoke thought, reaction and action. For example, “Man in Question” is a piece which asks the viewer to contemplate our sustainability as a race on this planet. My hope is to connect people with broader social perspectives and ignite action.

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    • Berkeley, CA
      US - Pacific

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