Estelle Akamine

My creative life began with my introduction to the fiber arts. Ever since, it has been a doorway to wonderful possibilities. Playing with established processes such as weaving with wire mesh-pre-made cloth, or trash from the SF dump, even using basket reed as warp, has allowed me outstanding sculptural creations. I can lift dimensional vessels from the loom, clothing can become, far out performance costume as well as sculpture when not worn, or fabricate decorative quilts, hats, shoes, literally anything and everything that can be made from cloth.

Another way that textiles reflect who I am is its unique environmental character. As natural concerns are woven into my work as both process and subject matter, I consider it remarkable that a weaver can get by without electrical power, can be portable, and uses mostly renewable resources, often natural plant material gathered at specific times in partnership with the earth. As a teacher and speaker I feature the non-traditional activist role of fiber in my career history. In the fiber facets of my work, I find a complete world to explore.

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    • San Francisco, CA
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