Alexandra Lazovski

  • MAN. Mixed media on canvas.50x80 cm.
  • WOMAN. Mixed media on canvas. 50x80 cm.
  • NATURE GONE. Mixed media on canvas. 40x100 cm. Detail
  • IN YOUR HEAD. Mixed media on old tree 30x20 cm.

Born in Uruguay, based in Israel for the last 30 years.

My art is the culmination of a life experience, which began in early stages of my childhood. All the people, places and things I have known contribute to convey the energy that is reflected in the figurative-expressionist art works.

Lately, they are made out of re-used materials such as eucalyptus barks, dry palettes color peelings, fragments of glass.
They all became a source and inspiration for creating environmental artistic approach works.

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    • Zoran, IL
      Middle East
    • 972-9-8948991

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