Jane Ingram Allen

  • Guns into Flowers installed on March 16, 2019, South Natomas Community Center Park, Sacramento, CA
  • Guns Into Flowers, public art installation of handmade paper, seeds for wildflowers, soil, branches
  • California Delta Rivers, wall installation of handmade paper, 11.5 ft. x 15.5 feet
  • Crossing Boundaries, 12 feet x 25 feet x 30 feet, gateway installation at Teaneck Creek Conservancy, Teaneck, NJ
  • Taiwan/USA Site Map
  • Making My Bed, living installation with handmade paper and wildflower seeds at Sumter, SC
  • Detail of Making My Bed installation after several weeks
  • Global Warming, site installation of handmade paper, wildflower seeds
  • Still Water, 200 cast handmade paper from water bottles, wall installation
  • Earth Nest, site installation with branches, vines, handmade paper
  • Making Our Nest, site installation with branches, vines, handmade paper
  • Boston Don't Dump, site installation of handmade paper, charcoal, string

The making of art installations that change over time and benefit the environment has become my focus as an artist. When I began doing outdoor installations in 1994, I became concerned about the environmental impact of my materials and structures. I also became convinced that nothing could ever be considered a “permanent” work of art.

Everything changes when placed outdoors because of exposure to the elements and to the processes of nature. It is also vulnerable to interaction from people and animals. I decided that I would go with this flow and make art that consciously used the natural processes and human and animal interaction as a positive contribution to the artwork. I began designing pieces that were meant to change over time and be beautiful and evocative in all phases as well as contribute positively to the environment. I am using all natural and biodegradable materials such as branches, vines, handmade paper I make from local plant waste materials and seeds to produce continually evolving artworks.  I also make indoor art installations of handmade paper, thread and other materials that are usually map-based and site specific created from materials I collect at a specific place and time to focus attention on the unique environment of that place.

I am currently living in Santa Rosa, CA and working as an independent artist, curator and art writer. I travel frequently to Taiwan for art projects and to other countries as well as doing art projects in the USA and teaching workshops. I first came to Taiwan in 2004 with a Fulbright Scholar Award, and also received another year as a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan in 2005. I was a Fulbright Specialist artist in Turkey in 2015. Visit my website at www.janeingramallen.com for more information see my Blog at http://janeingramallen.wordpress.com or see my listing at www.greenmuseum.org

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    • Santa Rosa, CA
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