Allison McElroy

  • Deconstructed hornet next, steel, paper, hornet nest paper
  • The tree was a good tree, paper, steel, copper, pine saplings, glass vial, pin
  • Stage
  • Installation in Lacoste, France, 202 steps, ochre of Roussillon
  • Detail Installation, 202 Steps, Lacoste, France
  • Nature of things, green bean leaves eaten by Japanese beetles,
  • Detail of Nature of things
  • Arboreal, Plaster bust covered in hornet next paper, 18" x 18" x 18"

Artist Educator interested in using nature as an artistic medium that will decompose and decay over time. We live in a world full of objects so I am somewhat burdened by creating more objects.

We are born, we live, we die, we decay. Studying the process of natural materials is a replica of the human.

Make, create, recycle, reuse, art that will compost itself and decay to help the environment when finished.

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    • Jacksonville , AL
      US - East
    • 256-283-6559

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