Grimanesa Amoros

I am an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research, and critical theory, all which have greatly influenced my work. Often I use sound and sculpture to create works that illuminate our notions of personal identity and community. I use my art as an agent for empowerment to involve viewers from all different backgrounds and communities.

In “Rootless Algas” I am exploring my experience on Flatey, an island in Breidafjordur Bay off the coast of Iceland. A key part of this trip for all of us was trying to overcome our feelings of isolation and foreignness by exploring the island’s natural habitat. The rocks on the shores of Flatey were covered with thick and textured accumulations of a type of algae that I had never seen before. The colors and the immensity of these piles were overwhelming. They were aesthetically beautiful, yet I couldn’t explore the shores nor go swimming without stepping in and around the vegetation. My fascination with the algae increased as I also identified with their lack of roots.

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