Anna Olsson

  • "I'm like Black Tom Petty - no one wants to know me."
  • "We have three beautiful children and we have him."
  • "Do I something good, or do I only leave a mountain of handkerchiefs behind me?"
  • Before the disaster: Toothbrushes
  • Before the disaster: Orange juice
  • Umbrellas
  • Pillows about how the diffrence in income has increased dramatically in Sweden.
  • Mountains of waste.

I am a textile artist. Since my graduation in 1995 I have been working in my own studio and have had separate exhibitions as well as participated in various collections exhibitions. I weave because I want to tell you something. Working as an artist means a great deal of responsibility for me and ultimately being an artist is doing something good. It is one way of taking responsibility in creating a better world.

I often work with a cohesive theme. The themes I have worked with have varied over the years, recurring themes are issues social justice and environmental degradation. In the last years I have worked with a theme I call crisis and disaster. I am strongly influenced in what is happening in my surroundings as well as in other countries. Through my pictures I want to visualize what I considers as wrong. Many times my images visualize after meeting people living in vulnerable situations. Sometimes the images develop after news reports on television, radio or newspapers. Sometimes I instead want to show positive images of important things and issues and convey strength and courage to others so that they in turn become inspired to fight or just to struggle with their every day-life.

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