Anne Douglas

Anne Douglas is an artist and researcher and a Professor Emerita from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. Her research is concerned with the place of the arts in public life, especially in the fields of art and ecology as well as experimental music. Her approach is practice-led, undertaking work that explores new ways of thinking and living with the environmental crisis. Recent publications include Educating the unartist as life changes. In Ed. Tim Ingold.Knowing from Inside: Cross disciplinary experiments with matters of knowing. London:Bloomsbury Press and Giving Absurdity Form: The Place of Contemporary Art in the Environmental Crisis. Arts 10: 81.  Douglas has also co-convened the work of Newton Harrison On the Deep Wealth of This Nation, Scotland 2017-22. She has co-authored a number of articles on the work of Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison with Chris Fremantle, artist and ecologist.

Keywords: artistic research, art and ecology, art in public life

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