• Wanaka Willow- White Willow Tree, New Zealand
  • Birch Forest Embrace – White Birch Tree, Alaska
  • Cathedral Fig Dryad- Green Fig, Australia
  • Seven Sisters Sitting - African Baobab Tree, Botswana
  • Monterey Cypressness – Monterey Cypress Tree, New Zealand
  • Sycomore River Fig– Sycomore Fig, South Africa
  • Panosos Olive Wave- Olive Tree, Crete
  • Canyon Live Oak Maidens I- Canyon Live Oak Tree, California
  • Styx River Temple – Mountain Ash Tree, Australia
  • Becoming Redcedar- Western Redcedar Tree, Washington

Julianne Skai Arbor, aka TreeGirl, has been on the forefront of the fields of environmental art, ecotherapy and nature connection since she began creating self-portraits with trees in 1995. Using a remote-control timer and a tripod, she photographs herself and others in sensual connection with the trees of the world. To date, she has intertwined with over seventy species of trees in thirteen countries. She is certified as an arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture, as a California naturalist with the University of California, and has taught interdisciplinary college-level conservation education for over ten years, including pioneering the first program in environmental arts. She holds graduate degrees in Environmental Education and Arts and Consciousness Studies, and is continuing her studies in Forestry and Climate Change. With her passion for trees she creates an experiential bridge to connect people with nature through forest ecotherapy, portrait sessions, and immersive nature retreats with trees around the world. She lives in Sonoma County, California amidst the native oak and coast redwood trees. Her gallery of images can be found at and www.modelsocietycom/Photographer/TreeGirl.

Her book— TreeGirl: Intimate Encounters with Wild Nature —is the first of its kind, weaving fine art nude photography of women with 50 species of trees around the world, natural history, and essays addressing the ecopsychology of the human-tree relationship. This coffee table book is an invitation to heal from the madness of modern civilization and rewild ourselves by cultivating our own intimate relationship with Nature.

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