Diane Archer

  • Mixed Media on topo map, roots, wax.
  • Mixed media on topo map, acrylic, inset pocket watch.
  • Mixed Media on topo map, vials of water, acrylic.
  • Mixed Media on topo map, acrylic.
  • Mixed Media on topo map, acrylic, bones.
  • Mixed media on topographical map, stained with native dyes, roots, acrylic
  • Mixed Media on topo map, etched copper, glass, wishbones,acrylic.

My work is based on concepts of “Place” and is influenced by Deep Ecology, Bioregionalism and a strong belief that the Sacred can be found in everyday life.

The work is composed of maps, found objects and graphic image overlays. I work in a variety of formats including jewelry, mixed media assemblage and installation art. I especially enjoy creating pieces for clients that celebrate and commemorate significant places, events, experiences and/or relationships. I work with individuals and groups to create uniquely personal art by combining relevant maps, imagery, mementos, collections, and sacred objects. All of my work, regardless of form, is meant to acknowledge and celebrate our connections to the world around us and the world within us.

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    • Otis, OR

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