• Plight of the Monarchs
  • Title: Enlightened, impact of deforestation
  • Title: Metamorphosis
  • Caged
  • Fiber Sculpture, Title Alien
  • Title; Dragonfly, Totem, Biden
  • Title; Paisley, Monarch, Sitting Bull
  • Title: Cockatoo, Arrow, 3Pods
  • Title: Paperbark
  • Title: A River Runs Thru It

Earth first, green artist Bebe wants to bring awareness to the earth’s fragile ecosystem. My work tells a story about the human impact on plants, animals, air, water and life.

Highly skilled in a diverse range of mixed media, Bebe’s most recent creations have employed fiber arts. Drawing inspiration from natural elements and various found objects, she often go on walks and finds something new that can incorporate into a piece.

Her sculptural work includes intricate weavings that are created by using tension thus eliminating any need for adhesive materials. My art is elementary in the sense that I use common objects such as rocks and botanicals.

I hope that my art envelopes the thought to lesson one’s ecological footprint.

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    • Novato, CA
      US - Pacific
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