Amanda Rose Hopkins

  • Nest sculpture created from materials found in nature.

I am a delicate colorful flower inserting itself into the crack in the man made linear dimension. My roots stretch deep traveling to fertile soils where cars aren’t heard in the distance and the stars shine to light the dark. My intention is to bring nature, color, and a bio-dynamic aesthetic into “built space”. My art strives to insert the inspiration of nature with pieces of the earth herself into man made settings. The earth provides for our bodies, the colors of her flowers nourish our visual sense, and the earth’s energy heals our spirits. So often we plug into our i-pods, cell phones, and computers.  We forget that fulfillment can be found in the soil and plants around us. Humans strive to control nature feeling that, domination will bring us closer to power. Yet there is so much energy in the elements that we lose when we strive for control. I strive to be the change and go back to the land for my materials, ideas, and insight. Seeking the ancient wisdom of our planet. Materials do not always need to be processed and bleached, they can be found in our backyards. Thus these pieces of bark, flower petals, snail shells, and willow branches are inserted into the square dimension of humanoid to show us a glimpse of the green world we once came from.

Studying fine art at UC Santa Cruz exposed me to inspiring environmental artists Helen and Newton Harrison and Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. I was very fortunate to get to assist both of these dynamic artist duos with works. I traveled to Sarnath, India and resided there for 5 months helping with a mural and three dimensional exterior installation with an international group of students, thangka painters from Nepal and Bhutan, as well as collaborators from the Netherlands, Brazil and the US. Currently I am helping to organize a Climate Change Theater Action event which will coincide with the UN Climate accords in December 2019 where we will be curating and showing environmental artists with live theater, music, interactive discussions with local environmental experts and communal meals. My mission is to help people and especially children connect with nature in an intimate and sensory manner. I want to help people fall in love with the earth, for it is only with this intimate connection that we feel that need to save her.

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    • Santa Rosa , CA
      US - East
    • 707-806-7133

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