Aryana Farsai

  • Window to the Universe
  • Sun Mandala Entryway for Awaken Cafe #1
  • Seed of Life Patio, Installed in private residence in Oakland, CA.
  • Nautilus Greco-Roman Mosaic in the Sanctuary for the Arts, Oakland, CA.
  • Memorial Mosaic for Joe F. installed at the Albany Bulb, Albany, CA.
  • Power to the Peaceful, Collaborative Children's Mosaic For the Power to the Peaceful Festival 2008
  • Campnsons Sculpture Mosaic
  • Spiral PatioMosaic Collaboration in Oakland, CA.
  • Fern World Table
  • Nightsky Entryway for Awaken Cafe #2

Aryana Farsai is an Persian American artist in traditional and modern mosaic styles. She is an avid community member who loves dancing, music, and building a delightful future together. She is a gardener of all things, but especially flowers and vegetables. She holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in Ecology, Culture, and Sustainable Community. Her degree work focused on Natural Building, and biointensive organic gardening, a high yield urban farming method.

Aryana promotes cultural literacy and good communication practices, she is an avid learner and listener. Her talents are including others in the conversation, and life and ethical treatment of all beings is especially important to her.

Aryana believes in challenging the status quo and reframing the narrative of personal empowerment. She is an advocate for awareness and education, and works to uphold these principles in her work.

Aryana’s emphasis on mosaic and that medium’s enduring quality of craftsmanship and durability is seen as an extension of her work to make art more accessible and easily understood by being present in the narrative. Her goals are that by doing the work, we achieve connection, balance, and healing within the natural world, and our diverse communities.

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    • Oakland, CA
      US - Pacific

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