Lucila Machado Assumpcao

My most successful art works have been unique “books-of-changes” and “fans of possibilities”. The representation of them in stories of depth and discovery came to be the “Visual Recitations of Ars Cum Scientia” that I have exhibited in many countries, trying to extend the oral narrative tradition through its own roots; images and words.

Since 1984, with my husband John K. Wood, I have been involved in recreating a harmonious habitat, at our farm and official Ecological Reserve, finding a new configuration for our presence in the natural world. Where humans and nature actualize their best potential in a complex dance of life; urban and rural ways are more balanced; art and science complete each other to better express the four realms that constitute our humanity: the House (personal), the Square (social), the Workshop (professional), the Sanctuary (spiritual) and perhaps attain some equilibrium, through a fully functioning person. A place of research and cultivation: cultivation of healthy food, inspired aesthetics and honored ethics; cultivation of good neighborliness and responsible citizenship and cultivation of an awareness that lets the land speak for itself. We hope this is apparent in our fields, our buildings and in our behavior.

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