Belinda Chlouber

  • "Finding Doves", Mixed Media on Paper, 17"x 22", 2015
  • "Life Unwound", Embroidery and hand stitching, with charcoal on vintage linen, 17"x 43", 2016
  • "Sometimes Out of Chaos Comes Beauty", Oil on Canvas, 16"x20", 2016
  • "Not Us", Mixed Media on Paper, 17"x22", 2015
  • "Not the Fish", Mixed Media on Paper, 17"x22", 2015
  • "The Pain Not to Feel", Mixed Media on Paper, 17"x22", 2015

I am a Northern California mixed media artist working with environmental and social issues of our day. I am focused on the issue of climate change and have attended The Climate Reality training with Al Gore twice in the last two years. I have found art to be a way to reach people’s hearts in a way that science cannot.

I have exhibited my work both Nationally and Internationally and worked to support the arts locally and am committed to “be the change” I aspire to.

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    • 149 31ST AVE
    • SAN MATEO CA 94403
    • 650-483-2971

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