Jeri Love

  • The Gathering
  • Titanosaurus Tree
  • Opening My Heart to Spring
  • Ancestral Presence
  • The Guardian
  • Sun Roots

The Beauty and Wonder of Trees Project is a photographic exhibition and environmental art program geared towards children, grades K-6, and their grown-ups. It creatively explores the expansive and expressive nature of our planet’s largest and most important plant. The project seeks to nurture within children a sense of interconnection with nature that goes beyond science, sparks the imagination and touches the heart. At the same time, the project seeks to increase the awareness of children and their grown-ups of the importance of caring for the trees in their immediate environment. It also helps them recognize and appreciate the numerous benefits of trees, as well as the beauty and wonder they produce. The program workbook introduces important information about trees and offers projects that make learning both intentional and fun.

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    • 5047 W. Main St., Box #203
    • Kalamazoo MI 49009
    • 847-417-8749

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