Liza Behrendt

Liza Behrendt launched Beauty of Water in 2006, an all-volunteer non-profit organization generating collaborative art experiences in communities around the world on the theme of appreciation for water.

Situated at the crossroads of social sculpture, community art, and environmental art or ecoart, Beauty of Water collaborators aim to stimulate positive shifts in the human relationship with water. We share with infinite others the vision of restoration and harmony on our gorgeous planet.

We believe that human beings are innately highly creative; restoring and enhancing harmony between the human species and other living systems requires innovative, paradigm-shifting, holistically aware measures; diversity is foundational to game-changing transformation; appreciation inspires, motivates, and cultivates openness to possibility; artistic expression combines celebration of existence with opportunity to affect transformation; partnership and collaboration are pathways to mutually beneficial resolutions that may not otherwise evolve.

Liza lives in Edmonds, Washington, USA, where Spirit of Water Edmonds is in early stages of development in partnership with the Fabric of Life Foundation and fair-trade shop, local artist Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks, and Beauty of Water.

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    • Edmonds, WA
      US - Pacific
    • 425-501-8112

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