Betty Paiz

  • Betty Paiz, ANANKÉ, serpentine sculpture, 126 x 30 x 35 cm. 2018
  • Betty Paiz TOPOGRAPHY 4, crystal resine and steele, 21 inches height, 49 inches, 31 inches, 2018.
  • Betty Paiz TOPOGRAPHY 2, marble resine and steele. 11 inches height, 38 inches width, 9 inches depth. 2017
  • Betty Paiz, Mayan Memories, sculpture on blue marmorine resine, 60 x 58 x 40 cm. 2018
  • Betty Paiz, MIND FLIGHT, sculpture in serpentine, 97 x 22 x 37.5 2018
  • Betty Paiz, COSMO, serpentine sculpture, 67 x37 x 22 cm. 2018
  • Betty Paiz, SOVEREIGNITY, jade stone sculpture, 32 x 14x20cm. 2017
  • Betty Paiz, T'UUT, black marmorine sculpture, 90x12x20 cm. 2018
  • Betty Paiz, CHI'ICHm black marmorine and wood sculpture, 90x12x20 cm. 2018
  • Betty Paiz, TOPOGRAPHY 1, resine and oil painting sculpture, 124x54x79 2018

Alameda Jacarandas 18-00 Encinos Cayala I ,
zona 16 Casa 421
(502) 53062668

The works are born from my connection with organic elements and noble materials, evidencing it both in the work of carving and in molding. The genesis of creation in the constant search for the Self as well as its natural components. It proposes in the process and reading an exchange of emotions as well as duality in its aesthetics, an appropriation of time and space working in the constant investigation, construction and conservation of the Nest, as a physical, spiritual and sensorial refuge.

Highlighting a deep connection with the natural world, my sculptures offer
up the idea that nature is an integral part of us rather than simply an object that has no meaning or spirit. My sculptures are an expansion of the creative
expression of our Universe and an uncovering of deeper layers
of the self.
2017-2012 Stone Carving – First Chisels – Beverly Rowley
2017-2015 Molded in Mud, marble powder, others. Oscar Pérez
2016 Stone Sculpture Seminar: David Halfon
2015 Seminar Italy – Siena Mauro Beretini
Genoa Course, Italy
2000 … Short seminars: Stones (soapstone, marbles, jade, quartz, onyx, anhedrite, etc)
1990 Embossed in silver foil
1982 Lic. Business Administration – Francisco Marroquín University

2017/16 Art Courses: Jose Mario Maza
Marcela Valdeavellano-Valle arteresponsable centroamericano
2015 Bio-decoding
2015 Free art courses Silvia Herrera
2010 … Shamanism courses.

2017 Portals / Liska · Paiz · Siebold · Godoy Ixchel Museum of the Indigenous Costume
2017 & 16 Art in May Rozas Botrán Foundation
2016 Colectiva Rozas Botrán Foundation
2015 Moment of Ángeles Santo Domingo
2015 Stones of Faith Galleria La Pigna, Rome, Italy
2014 When the river sounds it is because stones have
2013 TETUN TE / talking stone

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    • Guatemala,
      Central America
    • +50253062668

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