Janet Botes

I am a visual artist who love working in a variety of different media and disciplines which include mixed media, drawing, photography, painting, Land Art, sculpture, installation art and performance art.

Art never stops reshaping itself, recreating the thoughts and ideas each of us have at any given time. I believe that one can only truly be free and happy when in harmony with nature, your true self, and others. I work in a wide and diverse amount of creative disciplines and techniques to express my ideas and views. Recognizing that stopping to grow and change is to die slowly, I constantly try to find new ways and things that inspire and motivate me.

Through my art and other activities and involvement, I aim to encourage and promote awareness and involvement in creative expression, sustainable or eco-friendly art practice, as well as nature conservation. My subject matter usually revolves around the natural environments that we find ourselves in and our reaction or interaction with these environments.

I am actively involved with the network or movement Ecojunki
For more information and images of my other art and activities, visit my website at www.janetbotes.co.za

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