Michele Brody

  • Drawing Roots: Turning Field, flax seeds sprouted then dried in hand made flax paper.
  • Seed Posts: site specific installation of grass sprouting lace covered tubes.
  • Nature Preserve:Installation of native Michigan grasses floating in water filled tubes.
  • Boudoir, grass sprouting in lace skirt.
  • Dance of the Garden Sentinels, Dance collaboration with aluminum quadrupeds maintaining red flowers.

The essence of Michele Brody’s work is to understand how we live with change and the constant flux of our environment. Working with the anthropological notion of the Limen – the threshold through which one passes at the starting point for a new state or experience, she concentrates on creating a mark, which invites the viewer to a more openness of sensation through the production of site-generated walkways, public art, ephemeral installations and living sculptures with such materials as: glass, concrete, steel, copper pipe, fabric, light, water and growing plants.

By incorporating the liminal experience with its message of change and transformation as witnessed in the life cycle of flora, or the ever changing makeup of city streets, she wishes to subtly plant within the viewer a desire to be more aware of the tenuous relationship between themselves, nature, and the urban environment. She also wishes to communicate the delicate characteristics of memory and how time can both erode and enhance our interpretations of experience.

– Reprinted from www.michelebrody.com

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    • New York, NY
      US - East

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