Jackie Brookner

  • The Coyote Creek Filter at night
  • The Gift of Water Grossenhain, Germany
  • Coyote Creek Filter, Roosevelt Community Center, San Jose , CA
  • The Chutes and Thumbprint Filter, Roosevelt Community Center, San Jose, CA
  • The Chutes from behind
  • Black headed gulls have nested and borne their baby chicks.
  • Elders Cove Biosculpture, Dreher Park, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Veden Taika (The Magic of Water) in Salo, Finland
  • The Magic of Water, Salo, Finland

Below is Jackie Brookner’s old artist statement:

In collaboration with ecologists, design professionals, communities, and policy makers, I create water remediation/public art projects for wetlands, rivers, streams and stormwater runoff. These projects demonstrate how the undervalued resources of stormwater and other polluted water can be reclaimed and used to create lush environments, expressive and multifunctional public spaces.

My living sculptures, called Biosculptures™, are evocative, plant based systems that clean polluted water, integrating ecological revitalization with the conceptual, metaphoric and aesthetic capacities of sculpture. These projects raise community awareness of the urgency of restoring health to aquatic ecosystems, encourage the necessary imagining of a world where “culture” and “nature” are mutually beneficial, and help create the public will to protect and restore these resources.

With the belief that the vitality of any community and the continuity of its cultural heritage depends upon the health of the natural world that supports it, I work with communities on visioning and planning projects that look for nodal points where sustainable economies, ecologies and cultures can meet.

For more information, visit my website:www.jackiebrookner.net

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