Carlotta Brunetti

  • "Drops" Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2020, white sand, L 95m x W49m
  • "Desertstar", made for the Palmers Sculpture Biennial 2010, yellow and red sand, length 150m approx.
  • In my work "Surprise Forest" for Natures Urbaines at Fontenay near Paris, 2002, I looked at the City Hall park with the eyes of a child.
  • "Washing the Thoughts-laver les pensées", porcelain, ceramic, wax, 3mx3mx3m, 2013, France, for Vaertigo.
  • "Inondation", 2009, Camargue, France for Cultures nomades, L 23m x 15m x 2,10m
  • "Floating Clouds", CT 2006, fiberglass paper, painted branches, plywood, 5 objects, l 1,80m x b 1,20 x h 1,40m
  • Desert Star, Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2010, coloured sand, 150m x 75m
  • "Cleaning up the Town", 2007, this work is designed for a small medieval town in Belgium.
  • "Verso l´Inizio", Pordenone 2008 hay, 100m x 40m with Lorna Green
  • Wing Beat, Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2012, 120m x 60m, white sand, Wing Beat is about the nature of the landscape here with its eagles and other birds. White sand, 60m in diameter and 120m long.

When I select a space to work, whether it be in nature or an urban landscape, I try to find some immediate relation to its next biggest border. For example, this could be a building, a tree, water or something else. Around this border I create my own space. If there is not such a relation point I immediately try to create my own space and create a relationship with the spiritual, historical and/or geological views. My whole interest is to create my own very personal space but this space is always in connection to one of the above conditions.

At first I try to inform myself about the specific situation of people, the habitat and the wider landscape. Each landscape can tell us about the very special and sensible condition of the place. Next I choose my materials which varies according to my current artist statement.  Material’s are important because they can capture one’s innermost thoughts. Finally, I put my eyes in my finger caps and being working on the piece.

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