Sara McConneloug

  • Oak gal: leaf and lichen skirt, moss wire hair
  • Bullwhip kelp mermaids Sonoma coast
  • Ladybugs: Rose skirts are silk dyed with beets& layers of tinfoil
  • Oak gal baby: goose down from old coat, duck egg
  • Vase woman: Stocking head, shooter marble
  • Vase woman series: marks the winter rains
  • Shell wings, granite head, goofiness
  • Eggcarton owl, eucalyptus shell eyes, witches hair nest
  • Rose wood goddess, spiral pinch pot. manzanita arms
  • Dragon lady protects her heart with layers of glass

Repurposed objects, recycled shoeboxes and nature objects became shaman dolls and birth angels. My aim is to celebrate female creativity including and beyond sexual reproduction. My intent was to create new images of the sacred feminine beyond brides, wives, and daughters. Marja Gimbutas’ archeologic work of dolls and artifacts from 9000-350 BC in Europe was a springboard.

I focused my loving attention on these dolls to allow my feelings to surface. My intention was to melt sadness over several miscarriages. My longing is to connect with human beings already populating this beautiful planet with gentleness and honesty. If you would like to hear the creation story of a particular doll, I would be happy to share.

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    • San Anselmo, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 415.457.7542

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