Marie Johnson Calloway

  • Vanity
  • Earl's Hair Odyssey
  • Hope Street
  • Women With Flowers

During the course of my development, there has been a variety of images which have sparked my curiosity and ultimately found their way into my creative expressions.

Images in nature, both realistic and abstract, personal feelings and relationships, spiritual icons, and people and symbols of past and present times.

Because there is a never-ending excitement to experimenting with varied concepts, media and techniques, sometimes successfully and oft-times not, I have not been willing to confine my creative activities to one narrow path.

The resulting collection of expressions is a somewhat divergent mix of works: Large and small, quite and intense, lyrical and unharmonious, abstract and concrete, spiritual and worldly. The one connecting thread is my perception of my own world (which, too, has been an odd mix) and my continuous effort to interpret it in a personal way.

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