Cynthia Jensen

  • "Fracked" porcelain, steel, wood
  • "Peak Oil" mixed media
  • "Wheels of Progress" wood, steel, rubber
  • "Acid Rain" steel
  • "GMO" bronze, steel
  • "Engineered Seedlings" clay,steel, stone
  • "Endangered Red Fox" steel
  • "Endangered Gray Wolf" steel
  • "Superbugs" steel, wood, wire
  • "Castoffs #1, #2" paper, wire

My work tells the story of the impact of civilization and industry on our environment. It’s about the growing threat our industrial society poses to the interconnectedness of all living things and to our very existence. Inspired by specimens and artifacts in museums of natural history and anthropology, I imagine what we would leave behind, what would be found after we are gone, and what that would tell about us.

I use materials such as paper, bark, wood, leather, plastic, rubber, bone, clay and metal, as well as recycled and found objects. My sculptural work takes many forms: nests and eggs, vessels, plant and animal inspired pieces, masks and heads, and mixed media assemblages.

I create contemporary artifacts illustrating the effects of our actions on our fragile ecosystems-on the plants, the animals, the air, the water, and each other.

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    • San Rafael, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 415-435-2515

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