Claudia Mcnulty

  • latex on wood

I was born in 1952 in rural N.J. but grew up in Winter Park Florida and Philadelphia’s Center City.

I am a fine arts painter, designer, decorative artist, and muralist. I left New York City for Climax, New York 22 years ago. Much of my painting is concerned with the social and political implications of science and technology. My illustrative paintings and drawings reference modern images, icons, and logos as records of human history and as subconscious connections to our DNA. My interests focus on the mystery and puzzling simplicity of the shared genetic make-up of living organisms; the limited code of the basic four letters that enables us to transform into complex and varied creatures. In addition to a concern with the mapping and re-engineering of biology through genetic modification, the paintings reflect an awareness that the survival of our species is threatened by an immense array of unnatural elements. I recently received the 2013 NYSCA Individual Artist Grant based on my piece, “Porn Corn”, which was an installation proposal about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).

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    • Climax, NY
      US - East
    • 518 4448222

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