Claudia Borgna

  • Waiting Room Video
  • To Quan Yin Large Outdoor Installation - Plastic bags
  • What Do I really need to Live? Video Performance
  • Funeral to a Plastic Bag Video Performance
  • Shipwrecked Large outdoor Installation - plastic bags
  • Oasis Large Outdoor installation - plastic bags
  • Per un Giorno Large outdoor installation -plastic bags
  • I wish I were a Kite Large outdoor installation - plastic bags
  • ...And they Lived Happily Ever After. Large outdoor Installation - plastic bags
  • The poise of the tides, a brief moment of truce. Large outdoor installation - plastic bags

Claudia Borgna has been exhibiting internationally and has attended fellowship residencies in the USA, Canada and Europe. She is the recipient of the Joan Mitchell Grant, the Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner Grant, the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award and the Pritzker Foundation Endowed Fellowship Award. Currently attending the Public Practice MFA programme at OTIS, Claudia has been focusing on the political and social functions of art making while exploring installation, performance and video art. Her work entails the investigation of an ongoing observation and questioning of how the “plastic” and the natural realms interact with one another and thereby come to create new ephemeral orders.

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    • santa Monica, CA
      US - East
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