Damini Celebre

  • PrayerPod : Each of the 300 clay seed pods in this installation represents 1000 species that are going extinct this year. This installation is part of the Woods to Water: Temporal Sculpture on the Land at Germantown Academy & Art Across the Academy, Fort Washington PA
  • Solstice :: PrayerPod, 2017. , i In ceremony, I placed 108 unbisqued clay pods on public land, in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.This PrayerPod installation is now dissolving with the help of the elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. As the pods and prayers dissolve, they will send the prayers deep into the Earth.
  • CONCENTRIC Portal,  Damini Celebre, Elephant Butte Lake, NM. Feb 2017

Portals are the threshold between what we already know to be true — part of our life - and the unexpected. Portals are energy access points that help us connect with the Energy of Land and Place.
  • Luminary / Philadelphia, 2013 acrylic paint, ink, pastel, pencil on wood panel, 48” x 48”
  • Honey Brook Farm 2014 A year long project being with Land thru the Five Seasons Milk paint, ink, pastel, pencil, organic material on wood panel, 2014, 12” x 12" each  

My work strives to create a bridge between humanity and Nature; to evoke a felt sense that Nature is alive and has spirit.

This knowing shifts our perspective from the idea that we are separate, to the understanding that Nature is part of us.

I explore this tenuous connection — our bond with Nature, through 2D works and site-specific installations.

#shamanism #weboflife #intuitivecreation #energyhealing #beshiny #Nature #Awe #love #art #create #daminicelebre #morningwalk #environmentalart

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