Betsy Damon

I am a conceptual-humanist artist who has dedicated my art/life to informing and awakening public consciousness to the need and memory of clean water. I seek to release the initiative in a community. Through community interactions and participation, I invited collaborations at all levels: artists, scientists, community organizations, educational institutions and government agencies. The projects create a language, a vision of living water in the community.

Keepers of the Waters: Begun in 1990 at the Humphrey Institute for Public Policy, continued in many communities, among them Anoka and Duluth, MN and Chendu, China. Keepers of the Wathers is a not-for-profit foundation committed to initiatives that involve artists, scientists, and community in projects that restore, preserve or improve water sources and/or educate a community about the importance of water quality. Projects that re based in the cultural heritage of a community and crete an art, science language for the 21st century in the urban environment are of special interest.

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    • Minneapolis, MN
      US - Midwest

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