Deanna Pindell

Through public and community based arts, Deanna Pindell’s focus is on ecological justice. Indigenous rights, critter habitat, forest, and water quality issues are central; she explores the complexity of these concerns and proposes functional, remediative solutions when possible. A bioremediation island in Cambodia, a stormwater swale/play area in North Carolina, and the addition of Indigenous language way-markers to a campus in Washington are examples.

Science and collaboration with scientists and community are key to these successes. “The Soil Remembers” is one collaborative project with soils scientist and artist Rhonda Janke, PHD. which utilizes playfully interactive signage about the State park from the point-of-view of the Soils along with educational materials and a Microbe Manifesto. Please explore many related works on her website. Deanna lives in the rural Pacific Northwest with kin and critters.

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    • Port Hadlock, WA
      US - Pacific

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