Diane Burko

  • Johns Hopkins, Gilman Glacier #1-3, 2010 (after Bruce Molnia); Johns Hopkins Gilman Glacier, 1978 (USGS)
  • Columbia Glacier Lines of Recession 1980-2005
  • Grinnell Mt. Gould #1-4 1: 1938 (after T.J. Hileman) 2: 1981 (after Carl Key USGS) 3: 1998 (after Dan Fagre USGS) 4: 2006 (after Karen Holzer USGS)
  • Godafoss #6
  • Palami Pali (October Flight, 2000) #5
  • Winter Hemlock
  • Over Montana Glacier National Park 4
  • Sperry 2
  • Midway Geyser 1
  • Midway Geyser 2

My paintings and photographs have always registered an emotional response to geological discoveries. However, my present goal is to communicate more than visual beauty and artistic process. With the POLITICS OF SNOW project I am challenging the traditions of landscape representation by using scientific repeat images as well as charts, graphs and symbols to develop alternative visual systems. I have attempted to reveal temporal realities and the seriality of change in terms of climate change through this investigation.

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    • Philadelphia, PA
      US - East
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