Edie Dillon

  • My Favorite Dress (I Never Wore It Again) Formed and welded steel basaed on a 1971 Simplicity pattern 61" x 36" x 19" (shown with detail)
  • Photosynthesis Boogie: Blessing of the Fields, Mixed Media: Manzanita branch, canvas, found metal, found wood, found glass, found china 30x24x37 (Interactive, shown in two of manu possible positions)
  • Grief is Love, Mixed media: Ponderosa bark, metal, mirrors. 36″ x 20″ x 8″
  • Song of the Lark, Mixed media: found box, vintage slide, altered aluminum pan, found metal, welded mild steel, glass beads, light, bone, old field guide. 18” x 18” x 36” (with detail images)
  • Float (Ghost Boat, Aegean Sea 2016), Mixed media: Old, hand carved cedar net floats, found metal, glass and mirror mosaic, toy boat, ivory chopsticks, ceramic hands. 17" x 24" x 24"
  • Float (Ghost Boat, Aegean Sea 2016) Detail,Mixed media: Old, hand carved cedar net floats, found metal, glass and mirror mosaic, toy boat, ivory chopsticks, ceramic hands. 17" x 24" x 24" DETAIL
  • No Estoy Yo Aqui ?Welded steel, photograph on aluminum and found objects. 41" x 26" x 5"
  • Mamma is Tired, Mixed Media (found abjects): animal yoke, found metal, ladle, chair spindle, vintage blocks, found glass globe, music box that plays " Hush Little Baby - Mamma's going to buy you….." lace covered with black rubber. 38” x 17” x 20”
  • Traveler, Mixed media: found objects, crushed can, antique lace, Manzanita branch, papier mache, concrete, acrylic on canvas. 11” x 24” x 26” (three views with details)
  • A Different Monument - The Inevitability of Freedom, Found iron, cast iron, welded steel. 29” x 29” x 19”

I am a sculptor, painter, writer, and mother whose work seeks to honor the beauty and mystery of the world.

My life has been shaped by remarkable experiences in beloved wild places as an environmental educator and advocate. I was privileged to serve as the first full time woman ranger in North Cascades National Park, develop recycling education for the City of Bellingham, Washington, and join art and nature in community outreach for the Verde River in Arizona, among other projects.

Over time, communicating through the language of visual art became as important to me as communicating through the language of science and environmental education. In order to answer personal questions about art’s role in cultural change, I focused my master’s research on transformative power of art, with particular attention to environmental art.

My studio practice is a search for a personal visual language that can speak to human and environmental predicaments potently, authentically, aesthetically, and with the needed urgency. I hope to help people see and understand the beauty we live in, and to create a vision of healing which is still in our power.

Essays published in Nature Love Medicine: Essays on Wildness and Wellness (Torrey House Press, 2017) Real Ground (Natural History Institute, 2020), Ecopsychology (Mary Ann Liebert Publishers, 2020), Women Eco Artists Dialog (Issue 12, Taking Action,2021), among others.

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