Donna Brookman

  • acrylic on linen 108' x 60", 2014
  • 93x36" hand colored digital archival print, Magnolia Editions, 2013
  • (1st gold ragini) 2007 Oil on canvas-covered panel 84"x48"
  • Artist book 2005, boxed with photoetchings and letterpress text, 24" x19" x1"
  • 2013, 36" x 36", digital print, Magnolia Editions, Master file is in EHD

I was a feral child before the technological era, and grew up roaming hills and streams. For years I have I painted abstracted landscapes of feeling and memory. My paintings evoke a kind of haunting, with disappearing glaciers and eroding forms, but also assert hope and the possibility
of survival.

Painting is a life raft in turbulent times, with its focus on essentials. I find the image as I paint, and am often surprised by its resolution. I seek a distillation of content, with core ideas of
metaphorical darkness and light, order and chaos. Images of an energetic world coalescing into forms of micro or macro scale unify the varied imagery of my work.

My belief is that metaphor is essential, that often the most obscure or muted work is coded in some way. The core human realities, presence or absence, life and death, grief and joy,
physicality, sexuality are central—we look for echoes of our experience in the world around us.

I believe that a painting can redirect our attention, can create a sense of presence in the world. That sense of energetic unity is a touchstone for a more grounded reality, of connection and consolation. I approach painting as a lover of the world. I ultimately feel it’s a more powerful stance than polemic—engaging the imagination, memory, and senses helps us to value what we have. And of course, that is what is essential now.

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