Maureen Kellen-Taylor

  • Our Legacy: Plastic Does Not Belong Here - Color Xerox
  • Kia Surrenders Acrylic on Canvas
  • Green Fugues Pastels on paper
  • Guyanese night - mixed media
  • Homage to Bees -mMxed media
  • Blowing in the Wind - Plastic and paint on paper
  • HOW? Plastic bag and pencil on paper
  • EveryBreath - plastic and mixed media
  • InundatingLife - plastic and mixed media
  • Texas Jelly Plastic, paint writing on paper

1980-2019: Socially engaged art in SF and LA – grants from CAC ; 2018-9 from LADCA for “Our Untold Stories Are Yours”. Cleaning plastic from Texas Creeks made into Ugly Bouquets on Instagram led to anti-plastic show Sept-Oct 2019 – Our Legacy: Plastic Does Not Belong Here. see folio

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    • Los Angeles, CA
      US - Pacific
    • 818-438-9403

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