Sandy Eastoak

  • Water Kachina & Willows, watercolor
  • Bird Grandmother in the Redwood Grove, watercolor
  • Coyote Wind, watercolor
  • Caribou Snow, watercolor
  • Salmon Rising, watercolor
  • Thunder Woman & Buffalo Dreamer, watercolor

Living between a wetland & the coast, I love how water sweeps in from the ocean, falls from the sky, flows over the land, and rises again.

Our climate here is tempered by great redwoods, who catch the fog & moisten the soil with needle drip. At night they reach toward a farther climate—space, planets, & stars, whose emptiness echoes in our bones, our inner climate.

I’m frightened by global warming. After a celebration of the Kyoto Protocol, I visioned animals reaching spirit hands to us, pleading. In a moment of visceral clarity, I felt how every being needs a stable climate. I felt many species more pained by climate change than we.

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    • Sebastopol, CA
      US - Pacific

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