Edie Wells

  • Work in Progress, Memory Wall at Smither Park, Houston, TX (smitherpark.org)
  • Detail
  • Waste Management Recycle Education Center, Houston, TX, 2011
  • Recycled Chairs for the Waste Management Recycle Education Center, Houston, TX, 2011
  • Waste Management Recycle Education Center, Houston, TX, created by a team of artists under the direction of Dan Phillips, 2011 (phoenixcommotion.com)
  • Liberia Project, 36"x48" acrylic on canvas, 2011
  • Liberia Project, 36"x48" acrylic on canvas, 2011
  • "Picking Up the Pieces", triptych 8"x10" panels, acrylic and collage, 2010
  • I created and implement a community-based art program for children of the incarcerated in partnership with the Hospitality House, a non-profit organization that provides services for families of the incarcerated.
  • Play is an important part of my practice that allows me to create safe and non-threatening environments especially with the disenfranchised.

Artist Statement

I find value in the discarded and overlooked, and care deeply about human suffering, social justice issues and sustainability. I believe the arts offer the power to reclaim what the world often wants to toss aside as useless or unimportant. Whether it is about a memory, a person, a culture, or an object, my life’s work is a creative effort to reclaim hope and build community.

While creating collaborative public art projects, community-based arts programs or art in my own studio, I choose the medium to fit the message. The form of my interdisciplinary art work ranges from large scale reclaimed object mosaics to papier-mâché murals, functional sculptures created with recycled materials, photography, paintings and altered books. These works burst with color, texture and whimsy.

From personal experience, I find that healing comes from giving pain a visual voice. I offer that possibility to others by creating hope-filled work and facilitating art/healing opportunities for those suffering from grief or crisis, children of the incarcerated and those who want to heal the earth through sustainable practices. The essence of my work as an artist is expressed while working alone in my studio, when working in collaboration with other artists and when my work is engaged within the larger community.

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