Elisabeth Kohnke

  • The Fall, 2016. Sink, water, mirror, water pump, acrylic, power outlets, drywall and vinyl tubing
  • Hominization, 2016 Power cables, power plugs and outlets
  • Parasitoidal Reflections II, 2015 Engine oil pans, motor oil and bark from trees killed by increased Western Pine Beetle populations.
  • Sky Suite: Sky Describing a Road, 2015 3‐channel video installation on three 1080p 32” monitors (L to R) on custom mount.
  • Lightweights, 2017 Printed PVC plastic, airplane wire and air

Elisabeth Kohnke is captivated by the human point of view and the way in which we take for granted or forget the constructed environments around us. With work that is sometimes disturbing and surreal, she creates imagery and installations grounded in nature and everyday consumer materials. The often invisible connection between first world energy consumption, modern constructs and raw resources inspires her to make work about the human psyche and its layers of dissonant viewpoints.

Keywords: Installation, Sculpture, Video, Dissonance, Anthropocene, Denial, Consumerism, Consumption

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    • San Francisco, CA
      US - Pacific

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