Eliza Thomas

  • 'What We Bring To Th he Table' Ceramics, paper, watercolor, pencils, table and cloth, Installation of 8 placesettings of Identity
  • 'The Gazing Pool'
  • 'Decline Of The Pollinators Temple'
  • 'Sacred Clown Woman'
  • Pottery and small handbuilt ceramics
  • 'Taking the Blow'
  • Rising Sea
  • Rupture at the Intersection
  • Head in the Clouds
  • Ghost Dancer

I call myself a “self taught” artist, but I really was immersed in an environment rich with artistic practices all around me, as a child. I was exposed to painters, potters, printers, performers, and the gambit of creative individuals. They all influenced me.

I grew up with artist parents, and therefore had a rather unconventional upbringing. I feel that upbringing has greatly influenced my path as an artist. I became an emancipated minor at 16, and began pursuing art as my life work.  It has been an exciting, and circuitous path, that has included a lot of teaching, working with children, and creating curriculum and ideas that bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to art and art education. I am a passionate believer that art can be a powerful voice for whoever chooses to claim it.

My work is my voice. It reflects my experience of the world we live in. I use two main mediums, Ceramics, and Watercolor on paper. My paintings are narrative in nature, as are many of my ceramics. My ceramic work is both hand built and wheel thrown.



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