Elizabeth Dougherty

  • "Honora, Sister to the Queen" Bee hive frame, bees wax, LEDs, translusent photograph
  • "Including the Kitchen Sink" Fountain constructed of recycled materials and LEDs
  • Transmission Sticks
  • "Alien Waters" Fountain constructed of Recycled Batik equipment, LEDs
  • "Hymenoptera, Queen Bee" Recycled clay sculpture, camera body, bees wax, glass, sea shells, bones, flowers, feathers
  • Bee Draft Digital Photography

Elizabeth Dougherty, Ph.D. is a mixed bag multi media artist, engaged in “garbage collection and redistribution.” When not educating Californians on the beauty of water conservation and reuse as director of Wholly H2O, she is melting metal, wiring fountains with LED lighting, transluscifying images – creating recycled, functional, ecological art. In her wondrous workshop located within American Steel Studios in West Oakland, Elizabeth works exclusively with the detritus of the earth and it’s inhabitants.

Her PhD in Ethnography from the University of Pennsylvania started her down the trail to green building, agroecology, fair trade, and permaculture, along with international rural development in Latin America and Africa. After working with cities and industries on becoming more energy efficient as a project manager at Flex Your Power, she founded Wholly H2O, a nonprofit that provides education on water conservation and reuse as primary water sources. See more at www.whollyh2o.org

Beginning a documentary film on the Tuolumne River Watershed in August 2013 put Elizabeth smack in the middle of the Rim Fire. This has led to her curating a Tuolumne River/Rim Fire art exhibit at Sherwood Gallery in San Francisco, as well as a multi-media, art0-based education center, RIM – River in Motion, just miles from the entrance to Yosemite National Park.

Elizabeth serves on the Education Committee and the Research & Evaluation Committee at the CUWCC, on the Education and Outreach Committee for the CA State Water Plan 2013, and on the the Water Committee for Green CA. Elizabeth also serves on the Board of Directors for the West Oakland Green Initiative, overseeing the Pollinator Pathway Committee.  

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    • Oakland, CA
      US - East
    • 510-776-1780

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