Charla Elizabeth

  • Nine Months 54" x 54" x 6" Felted wool, foam rubber, LED lights, electrical wire, hardboard, painted aluminum sheet 2017 Permanent Collection of the California African-American Museum
  • “Affinity 108" x 24" x 24" Steel wire 2017
  • “Lunar Sunshine” Steel wire and glass 108" x 48" x 48" 2015
  • “Lookout” 12" x 12" x 24" Polyurethane foam, acrylic fill and paint 2015 Collection of L Darnton
  • “Connected” 27" x 30" x 6" Painted basswood 2003
  • "Wintered" 36" x 36" Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2011 Collection of J Moniz
  • "Web" 48" x 48" Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2012 Collection of S Krysti
  • "Ascension" 48" x 48" Oil paint, Oil pastels 2010 Collection of P Briss
  • "Forest Spring" 22" x 44" Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2011 Collection of K Kimball
  • "Beech" 54" x 54" Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 1997 Collection of D Costa and J Elmaleh
  • "From Inside" 52" x 52" Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2007 Collection of J McErlean
  • "Over Time" 32" x 50" Acrylic paint, Oil paint 2002 Collection of J and B Cummings
  • "Birth" 54" x 72" Acrylic paint, Oil paint 1998 Collection of St Joseph's College, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Brown Beech" 40" x 54" Acrylic paint, Oil paint 1996 Collection of L Harris
  • "Memories " 30" x 36" Acrylic paint, Oil paint 2006 Collection of OneUnited Bank, Los Angeles, CA
  • "Water Stories" 66" x 60" Acrylic paint 1996 Collection of B Reback

Charla Freeman Elizabeth earned an A.B. in Art from Brown University and an M.Sc. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. She is a two-time Pollock Krasner award recipient for her nature-referenced sculpture and recently had an artwork selected for inclusion in the permanent collection at the California African-American Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

Charla is an adjunct professor at USC in Los Angeles, CA, where she teaches Intermediate Drawing, Foundation Design, and Creating and Understanding Visuals. At UCLA, she lectures as part of the Visual and Performing Arts Education program, teaching aspiring arts educators to be culturally responsive and healing-centered in their work with diverse populations of students. She is also a Visual Arts Teacher/Mentor for Theatre of Hearts Youth First,  providing visual arts education for predominantly Black and Latinx students, including at-risk and incarcerated youth.

Charla’s sculptures find their roots in organic forms and are created using natural materials (steel, aluminum, glass, wool, wood, and cotton). Finding value in nature and its feminine essence, she honors both in her artwork. At its essence, her work is about equity and balance.

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