Fabiola Martinez

Artist Statement
I am Saint John based artist born in Mexico with degree in architecture from the Institute Tecnológico de Querétaro.

I am interested in natural resources and the preservation of ancestral techniques.

In the last year I have been exploring the use of a natural dye Cochineal (Dactylopius coccus) derived from “carmine”, a pigment produced by a female insect that grows on a cactus in South America. Creating a series of abstract compositions using fibers and sand with Cochineal on pine, canvas and maple wood.

Creating compositions with natural objects belonging to different lands enables me to use my work to weave together my native Mexican roots with my present life in Canada. The creation process is based on the ecosystems in our world and the patterns that can be found in it such as symmetry, repetition, and the golden rule.

I repeat some objects three times to represent birth, life and death, and I also use circles to symbolize cycles and generations.

By using Grana Cochinilla I am preserving an ancient technique that does not harm the environment and is beautiful in its natural way.

The next step for my work is to collaborate with the Aboriginal culture and how it connects to my own roots.

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    • Quispamsis,
      North America(not US)

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