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  • Pivot, rotation 1; Pivot, rotation 3; Pivot, rotation 4
  • Inferno; Chocolate Martini; Perfect 10; Cape of the Hero; Let Them Eat Cake. Chocolate Fashions Inferno- really used the materiality of the chocolate itself . Cape of the Hero- same thing. Taking it to an extreme. With the typical fashions at the show being 5-10 pounds of chocolate, starting with a minimum of 35 pounds and getting in excess of 45 pounds on the cape alone
  • Sugarland explores the form of the existing site, letting it be understood and appreciated because of the added sugar. The colors and scents encouraged participants to re-see the forms of the landscape and parts in the landscape which we typically ignore because we see them so often. Now pink, and peppermint scented, they are once again noticed- reminding people to re-look at what we see everyday with a fresh eye and fresh full sensory understanding. Spatial re-design, ephemeral, re-understanding of the existing site without long term environmental effects.
  • Blueprint, Levittown; Sunflower Field Perspective; Lawn; Lawn Straight Jacket; Suburbia Section. designed for the space they are in, and related to suburbia ideals.
  • One Point makes a statement about model design and mere duplications. One Point is created in a commemoration to the 2009 Red River Flood. The Main Avenue Bridge which connects Fargo, North Dakota with Moorhead, Minnesota is created in a three- dimensional structure, in one-point perspective. Made from rice cereal treats, this artwork plays off a common drawing technique taught to designers- one point perspective. From the front view, it has the illusion that one is standing on the bridge itself- being part of the bridge. From every other angle, the stricture is a warped view. The piece was made of rice cereal treats and has white marshmallows showing to indicate the snow of the blizzard during the flood. The two sides structures of ramps have pumped white water, appearing as milk with the breakfast treat, indicative of the flooding. Also, exploring One Point in history when the bridge had a flood and blizzard, this artwork is full sensory.
  • Flambé explores the materiality, medium and structure of sugars. Vertical layers are developed from the base upward, while elements from the top are poured downward. Angles of sugar contrast with sharp curves. The different forms include sugar cubes, raw sugar, invert sugar, powdered sugar, granulate sugar, sugar sheets, melted sugar, and hard candied sugar. A high alcohol content liquor is used for blue flames in the candles. After the cake was lit, a portion of the cake caught on fire, and a fire extinguisher had to be used on the cake. It was the first time in Food Network Challenge TM history a fire extinguisher had to be used! Texture, scale, materiality, forms, colors and taste are explored in this artwork.

Stevie Famulari—aka ‘SUGART, Environmental Art & Design’—creates edible landscapes and murals, candied people and fashions, frosted buildings and windows, scrumptious sculptures, and delectable events nationally.


In her Earthworks, both edible and non-edible—a site and its energy, stories and changes through a time period are the attributes she illustrates. Her art inspires others to appreciate the amazement, stories, and fun of landscapes and pieces with temporary designs. Her Earthworks critique and comment on altering ecological process of sites with universally understood, interactive, humorous, and environmentally friendly media.


Earthworks include- ‘Recalling Spring’, an edible mural for Jelly Belly; ‘Downtown Abacus at Sunset’, an architectural sculpture for the opening of ‘Candy Unwrapped’ exhibit; Sugarland in New York, a ¼ acre forest was decorated in brightly colored sugar frosting, gummy candies, and sprinkles. It featured a walking path of colorful jelly beans and candy canes; Sugarcoat, entailed frosting an entire 2-story historic building, creating a 2-story wedding cake ‘building’, and more.

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