Fay Stevens

  • Leskernick excavation (Photomontage)
  • Still points (Photography)
  • Connemara, Seaweed Series (Collograph)
  • Elemental Interplay (Photography)
  • Kew Gardens Series (Photo etching)
  • Version (Performance Writing)
  • Ossian's Garden (Collograph and Chine Colle)
  • Art and Archaeology. The White Horse at Uffington (print)
  • Journey -Sustainable Travel (Photography)

I am an archaeologist, with an arts background, specialising in landscape art and archaeology, material culture and phenomenology. My archaeological and art-based work is integrated, as one method of enquiry and process impacts on and integrates with the other. My practice is in photography (working in digital, 35mm and medium formats), currently researching the use of photography at archaeological sites and early photography and printmaking, working in collographic, lino and etched media. My PhD research considers how people in the past might have engaged with, perceived and understood their environment and I am currently exploring this through the themes of narration, interplay and perception. I engage with these themes intellectually through the critical lens of phenomenology and explore as process through my art practice. Current areas of focus are on surface, performance writing, the interplay between text and image and map-making. Works in progress include a printmaking and mixed media project that explores climate change through land and surface and a performance-based piece on perambulation.

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    • Bath, UK

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