Fern Shaffer

  • Photograph #1 take n in Lockport, IL. Focus on the concern for the living conditions of plant life.
  • Photograph Ritual #2 on the edge of the pacific Ocean. The concern was for the water.
  • Photograph #4 On the summit of a Blue Ridge Mountain in VA. Focus was on The harmful methods used to remove minerals.
  • Photograph Ritual #9 Cache River Basin, Illinoi. The focus was on the preservation of the wetlands.
  • Photograph, a ritual for peace.
  • Passenger Pigeon's 100 year Anniversary of it's extinction. All that is left is the DNA
  • A tribute to the oldest living trees, Gingko's. this is 84 8" x 10" oil stick on acrylic paintings in an installation.
  • Lungwort Healing Plant 5"x &' Acrylic
  • Digitalis Healing Plant 5" x 7' Acrylic
  • Artemisia Healing Plant 5' x 7' Acrylic

Artist’s Statement

My interest in science has always directed me to information about the environment. By recognizing how everything is interconnected, our society can avoid mistakes that will only come back to haunt us. It makes no sense to poison the water when we will ultimately be the ones to consume it. The pattern is repeated over and over again revealing the crisis potential of our culture’s desire for immediate gratification. Living in an increasingly dangerous, toxic, and stagnant environment, for both animal and plant life, led me to investigate the dilemma through my art.

-Fern Shaffer

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