Tammy West

  • Cracked Flow- blue fabric & cracked earth
  • Stay together- Cracked Earth, string & nails
  • Inside outside- red yarn
  • Stay Put- climbing rope & stakes
  • Golden Nature- gold fabric
  • Golden Inside- Gold fabric, cracked earth
  • Vital earthwork- grass seed
  • Of hearth and home- natural wool
  • Earths bounty- natural wool yarn
  • Leyline- will sea level rise this high?

Reverence of the natural world rules Tammy’s work as she strives to connect people
to the natural world, often through emotion. Through pinhole photography, encaustic
works and site-specific environmental art she explores the ideas of “value/worth” and
“protection. She has exhibited at The South LA Contemporary, the Museum of Art
and History CA and the United Nations climate talks in Germany, Poland and Spain.
She was awarded residencies at Fljotstunga Iceland, Playa Summer Lake, the Arctic
Circle Residency, Jentel, Wyoming and in Co Kerry Ireland and received second prize from the Art-Science Gallery, Peoples-Award at A.Smith Gallery, honorable-mention at Arthop a Texas-wide competition.

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    • Austin TX 78745

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