Linda Fries

For the past several years I have created paintings using natural earth pigments that I collect from local soils, grids by hand, and mix with a plant- based medium to make paint.

Local art made from local color!

An ancient technique renewed in a modern art form.

In gratitude to the generous beauty of our wild mother earth.

Attention Artists: Examine your materials and start asking questions. Does the manufacture, dispersal, use and disposal of artists’ materials cause harm to the earth? Unfortunately, the vast majority of commercial art products may cause ecological harm. It is time to demand environmental accountability and to pressure art stores and product manufacturers to change. Reformulation of materials and labeling is essential Then, we can all choose “organic” art materials and make earth-conscious art. It’s possible! For thousands of years humans have satisfied the need to create without damaging the environment. We can do the same!

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    • San Francisco, CA
      US - Pacific

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