Gabrielle Wilson-Sealy

  • "Land of Plenty"
  • "Drought"
  • "Stolen Resource"
  • "Sankofa Love"
  • "Full Bloom"
  • "Self Portrait 2008"
  • "Higher Power"
  • "Chain"
  • "Motel 6"
  • "Haitian Relief Fund"

With John Wilson as my grandfather, one could say the ability to create is in my blood. Since I was a young child, I have been living and creating art. I am continuously fine tuning my talent and have spent years doing figurative drawings. I attained my degree in Arts and Humanities. I am the co-founder of BEYONDEEP Productions and my artistic mediums range, including spoken word, film, performance and sound/music.

My art is provocative, erotic, and bursting with gesture and life! It is an integral part of my activist lifestyle. I portray images of people that are typically marginalized in our society (women, queers, black/brown people, homeless…etc.) in hopes to continue my grandfather’s legacy and create change in the world. Each piece is typically created from life, however, I can create anything from photographs. I hope you enjoy and support my work!

I am taking orders for portraits, brochures, cover art, logos or whatever you might need an image for! If you want me to create something custom made especially for you to purchase, please contact me directly.

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    • Berkeley, CA
      US - Pacific

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